It was a great fall day as more than two dozen players gathered for King of the Hill in Ajax, at Petrina’s Taps and Billiards. The field was full of talent with the likes of Brian Belobradic, Erik Hjorleifson, Justin Kluznik, Al Porter, Jago Raghoo, and Grace Nakamura just to name a few. The format was simple – race to five, double elimination. The tournament was organized by Brian Belobradic nostalgic for the old Orangeville Days. Although it was not a sell-out field the tournament indicated players are willing to compete in no handicap events.

After the calcutta, the players matched up with the bottom of the bracket being the tougher half of the board. Jack Reid, a veteran bar-boxer, matched up with Josh Hinds in (5-1) romp. Alfonso Chiong met up with George Cornelius and battled to a (5-4) conclusion in his favour. Long time pro, Grace Nakamura showed she could compete with the boys and matched up with Brian Belobradic. The result was (5-3) for Brian but the match was hard fought. Erik Hjorleifson, recently returned from the US OPEN met up with Mike Patay, from Guelph, in quick (5-3) match. Al Porter, the grizzled veteran met Qumar Ali emerged victorious (5-0). The story of the tournament was Don Eddie Skrijelj, who stepped up to play with the big boys and showed his first opponent Keith Dusome, the B-Side in a (5-3) victory. Justin Kluznik and Wayne Tate were among the better players who luckily had first round byes.

In second round matches Justin Kluznik met Eddie and dispatched him easily (5-0). Dan Seens was defeated by Brian Belobradic (5-3). Dan is promising a return to the tournament. His daily practise is greatly improving the game. Jago Raghoo, quietly one his first two matches. This human potting machine is relentless. Erik, sent the affable Martin Yacobazzo to the B-Side. Al Porter won his second match on the A-side with a (5-3) win the ever combative Wayne Tate. Al declared it was the first time in a decade he had won two matches on the A-Side.

The B-Side had far more early drama and teeth gritting determination. Jane Yacobazzo, showed she could handle herself by ending George Cornelius’ tournament life (5-1). Then she met up with Paul Ryan and battled to (5-4) defeat. Martin Yacobazzo, usually a deep run player was dispatched by Wayne Dwyer (5-3) in the same round as his wife – made for a quieter ride home for sure. Eddie Skrijelj, was determined to keep playing and laid waste to Qumar Ali (5-0). Eddie then met up with Rob Wadell and lost in a hill-hill match. Players like Eddie Skrijelj, Jane Yacobazzo, and Dan Seens are to be commended for stepping up and matching up against seasoned players in heads up play. Jack Reid, having been relegated to the B-Side by the intense Alfonso Chiong, had his run ended in a (5-2) defeat at the hands of Wayne Dyer.

Brian Belobradic met up with Erik Hjorleifson in the fourth round of the A-Side having beat Jago (5-2). Erik had made his way to the fourth round ending Al Porter’s run (5-3). This contest between these two heavyweights was lopsided. Brian skewered Big Red by a score 5-1. On the other half of the A-side semis Alfonso Chiong meeting the ever sharp Justin Kluznik. Fonzie was unstoppable in his (5-1) elimination of Justin. The A-side final was set – Brian Belobradic versus Alfonso Chiong.

On the B-Side, Wayne Dwyer showed Big Red, the front door in (5-2) finish. Jago undaunted, advanced to the 4th place bracket against Wayne Dwyer by ending Justin’s tournament life (5-3). Wayne would meet Jago and lose (5-2) to the dynamo that Jago can be when fighting for his tournament life.

The A-side final was a romp. Alphonso dominated Brian, and sent him packing for the B-Side in (5-0) result. Brian now had to face Jago in the B-Side final. Brian, energized by his loss on the A-side beat Jago 5-2 and returned to the A-side intent on the revenge. The next 18 matches of pool should have been filmed. Between Brian and Alfonso there were thirteen EROS. Brian won on the hill in the first match and again on the hill in the second match. The day was done and there was only one left. Brian Belobradic our tournament winner.



1st $800   + $880 Calcutta

2nd $500   + $450 Calcutta

3rd $350   + $270 Calcutta

4th $250   + $180.00

5th $100

6th $100